What I can do for you

Using a blend of Hypnotherapy and sensible psychology I will help you work through the physical and emotional manifestations that we all experience when dealing with stress and anxiety. These may be brought on through a bereavement or the daily routine of life, it doesn’t matter. 

Building upon my experience as a Bereavement Support Volunteer, a Samaritan and a Natural Therapist I will tailor our time together to help address your presenting and less obvious needs.

You can read more about my work with loss and bereavement at goodgrief.me.uk

Hypnotherapy and sensible psychology

I am a qualified analytical hypnotherapist utilising sensible psychology and contempory relaxation techniques.

Hypnotherapy is a wonder-filled approach I use to help address detrimental thoughts and unwanted behavioural patterns” that can be casued by bereavent or the general grind of daily life.


The Corona lockdown period is helping us appreciate the important role technology can play in our lives. It helps us keep in touch with friends and family, updated with the latest headlines and advice, do our shopping or simply distract us.

I can help identify technology that would help you stay in touch with friends and family, provide a distraction or get help from the government and organisations. I can teach you how to use the technology and  troubleshoot problems you may be having.

It’s all about you

When I engage with my clients, I am looking to create an environment that’s a safe space to talk and be yourself.

I adhere to the principles and guidelines of my professional bodies where respect, professionalism and confidentiality are cornerstones of how I approach my work.

I am continually inspired, motivated and taught through the people I meet at Cruse Bereavement Care.