Good Grief!

When I talk about good grief, I do not mean the daily drama of life that Charlie Brown navigated with his loyal Beagle “Snoopy”

Strange as it may seem, there is a belief that if allowed, grief is the path to healing the debilitating emotions that accompany bereavement. In that respect acknowledging grief and being able to grieve is a good thing.

There is a saying that the price of love is grief, the better the quality of the relationship, the deeper your immersion with grief will be. 

I am engaged as a Bereavement Volunteer with Cruse Bereavement  Sheffield. I have been a tactile and talking therapist using a variety of techniques to help people for the last 14 years.

The first offer I would like to make anyone who has been recently bereaved are my condolences. 

We all have our own unique recipe for grief, no one person will grieve in the same way and as a result, there is no simple “one size fits all” plan to help people.

Some of the symptoms of grief will be the same or similar for everyone: insomnia, anger, guilt, fatigue, loneliness, I could go on. There are also practical challenges when you “become one”. For example who did the DIY, cooking, finances and administering the household technology.  

If you would like to talk or make an appointment please call or email me when you are ready.

Grief Works

 Grief Works is a book by Julia Samuel where she describes her experience as a bereavement practitioner and her beautiful approach to the work.

I have found her words both insightful and helpful when formulating my approach to bereavement work.

More information about her book can be found here

This book was inspirational to me when I was undertaking training with Cruse.


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