Well done for landing on this not-so-public page, it will mean that you have a leaflet “in-hand” and you’re wanting to know more.

On-going offers

Christmas 2019

Buy two 60 minute massages for £50

Available to buy until Jan1 2020


Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Meditation teachers

Do you need a “keep-me-supple-massage”

If you teach health or wellbeing and have classes of students that you feel may benefit from my service, and are willing to help promote me then please call and book in for a complimentary treatment.


Blue Light Responders

Appointments to suit your hours

I always like looking after those that look after us, and it can be a crazy stressful world out there at times. 60-minute treatment for £25 all year offer


Charity raffles

I will also create offers for fundraising events and my supported charity which is the Chesterfield Samaritans. If you would like a massage voucher for a fundraising event please get in touch.

Voucher guidelines

(terms & conditions)

All of these offers are created in the spirit of being sensible and fair, there are a couple of terms and conditions that I have listed below.

Some of these vouchers can be flying around for years so as a rule of thumb, they will all have a month printed on them and after 6 months it will be best to call me up to check its still valid.

Cash value is .01p ( not sure why I say that), so you cannot cash it in for a full treatment price cash refund.

No obligations at all are placed on you apart from turning up and having a very relaxing time.

In the spirit of goodwill please enjoy one voucher per person and let’s not try to combine multiple offers, I have a large cat to feed.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.


How to find me